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Albee™ Cool - Nitrogen

Albee Cool Cylinder

Rental Free Nitrogen Cylinders for your HVAC applications

ALbee™ Professional is a brand and concept created by Air Liquide to supply rental free cylinders to the market place.

Cylinder Exchange Programme

Simply purchase an ALbee™ small cylinder from any approved Reseller. Then when it needs replacing just return your empty cylinder to any approved ALbee™ Reseller in the UK and exchange it by purchasing a refill cylinder. It’s that easy ... no more rental and no more transaction charges.

Albee Cool Cylinder

Benefits of ALbee™

Saves You Money

  • No more rental bills
  • No more regulators to buy
  • No regulator maintenance
  • No wastage – On/Off lever avoids gas leaks

Saves You Time

  • Easy On/Off lever
  • Simple flow adjustor
  • Faster set up


  • Shock absorbing guard protects the regulator
  • On/Off lever allows for a fast cut off
  • ClearOn/Off positions

Fully Portable

  • Ergonomic cap–allows for easy carrying
  • ALbee™ cylinders are very compact
  • Lighter and can be carried anywhere
  • Can be secured on-site
Cylinder Specification
Cylinder size 11 litres
Cylinder pressure 200 bar
Outlet pressure 0.5 - 50 bar
Type Steel
Volume 2.1m3
Empty Weight 14kg
Height 590mm
Diameter 178mm

Albee Cool

Albee Cool 1

1. Valve guard protects the regulator

• Easy to handle and can be secure on-site

• Fully portable

Albee Cool 4

4. High pressure gauge

• Tells you the contents of the cylinder

Albee Cool 2

2. Easy On/Off lever

• Fast cut off of gas

• Clear On/Off position

• Avoids leaks from badly closed valves

Albee Cool 5

5. Customer connection

• Screwed 1/4 SAE type connection

Albee Cool 3

3. Flow control handwheel

• Quickly set your flow rate with pressure regulation from 0.5 to 50 bar

Albee Cool 6

6. Pressure disk

• Safety and protection


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