Albee Flame O2

Albee™ Flame - Oxygen & Acetylene

Albee Flame Cylinder

Rental Free Cylinders for Oxygen & Acetylene

ALBEE Flame Ace with it's integrated cylinder regulator avoids the hazard of using incorrect regulators.

The use of incorrect regulators has the potential to cause an explosion due to incorrect pressure or incompatible materials.

For further information please download the following BCGA Newsflash documentation...

ALbee™ Flame is a brand and concept created by Air Liquide to supply rental free cylinders to the market place.

Cylinder Exchange Programme

Simply purchase an ALbee™ Flame cylinder from any approved Reseller. Then when it needs replacing just return your empty cylinder to any approved ALbee™ Reseller in the UK and exchange it by purchasing a refill cylinder. It’s that easy ... no more rental and no more transaction charges.


Albee Flame Cylinder
Cylinder Specification
  Flame Ace Flame O2
Cylinder size 9.6 litres 11 litres
Cylinder pressure 15 bar 200 bar
Type Steel Steel
Volume 1.6m3 2.3m3
Height 492mm 590mm
Diameter 180mm 178mm


Process Consumption Flame O2
Flame Ace Flame O2
Flame Welding 160 lt/hr 176 lt/hr 14 hrs
Brazing 315 lt/hr 346 lt/hr 7 hrs
Flame Cutting 10mm Thick 350 lt/hr 1580 lt/hr 53 mins



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