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ALbee Weld - Argon & Argon Mix

Albee Bottle
Cylinder Specification
  ALbee™ Weld ALbee™ Plus
Cylinder size 11 litres 13.4 litres
Cylinder pressure 200 bar 300 bar
Type Steel Steel
Weld Ar
Weld ArMix

2.3m3 / 2300ltr
2.55m3 / 2550ltr

4.1m3 / 4100ltr
4.43m3 / 4430ltr
Full Weight
Weld Ar
Weld ArMix


Height 590mm 820mm
Diameter 178mm 190mm


Welding Times

Gas Brand Process Consumption ALbee™ Weld L11 ALbee™ Plus L13.4
Argon Weld Ar GTAW (TIG) 6 LT/MIN 6hr 23mins 11hr 23mins
Argon Weld Ar GMAW (MIG) 15 LT/MIN 2hr 33mins 4hr 33mins
Argon CO2 (15%) Weld ArMix GMAW (MAG) 12 LT/MIN 3hr 33mins 6hr 9mins


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