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Cylinder Specification

Albee Bottle
Cylinder Specification
  L5 L11
Cylinder size 5 litres 11 litres
Cylinder pressure 200 bar 200 bar
Type Aluminium Steel
Weld Ar
Weld ArMix


Empty weight 6.7kg 14kg
Height 530mm 590mm
Diameter 140mm 178mm


Welding Times

Gas Brand Process Consumption L5 L11
Argon Weld Ar GTAW (TIG) 6 LT/MIN 2hr 55mins 6hr 23mins
Argon Weld Ar GMAW (MIG) 15 LT/MIN 1hr 10mins 2hr 33mins
Argon CO2 (15%) Weld ArMix GMAW (MAG) 18 LT/MIN 1hr 36mins 3hr 33mins


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